ASP reference: ASP573

Name: Ricky

Species: African Grey

Description: My name is Ricky (I bet you can not say my name without sounding like Bianca from eastenders)

What I am looking for in a forever home, time, someone that can give me time to be comfortable and trust as this is something that doesn’t come fast to me.

No children or other animals at all, I am the centre of the universe and it is all about me and this will never change.

I would prefer a older male to be my best friend. Nothing personal lady’s but I like dudes. A male that can give me all the time in the world would be wonderful.

I’m a 16 year old, male African Grey, and I am looking for my forever home. I am nervous around new people and get abit snippy if you come too close to my cage, but this is just till I get to know you and trust you. I will stay in my cage at first even when all doors are open as it’s my safe place but give me time and I will slowly work my way out, please don’t rush me as I need time.

I love head rubs when we are at that stage and if you stop I will give you head nudges to get you to carry on, I may even grab your finger to pull you closer but I never grab too hard. I’m not brilliant at stepping up yet but I have succeeded a couple of times but then I get a little bit spooked when taken away from my cage and will attempt to fly back. (When I say fly I mean gracefully face plant the floor, flying isn’t one of my strong points)I like my food, I have 3 small bowls of parrot food a day and when I want more I will whizz my bowl to grab your attention. I love bananas and I have tried other fruit and veggies but it’s all new to me so I’m just working out what I like.         

 I drink a lot of water and constantly need topping up with fresh throughout the day. I am a curious bird and watch everything you are doing from a distance, I look like I’m judging you and believe me I am, especially when your troffing your 3rd plate of food that you haven’t shared. I’m not the noisiest of birds out there but I have my moments of beeps and whistles and do a perfect impression of a truck reversing and a answering machine, but don’t tell anyone as I won’t perform in front of strangers and I am more than happy to let you look like your telling porkies. When it comes to bedtime I HATE been covered with a sheet there is no need to do that with me, just turn the lights down and close the curtains, I am happy. When your on the right track to gaining my affection and trust I will get very excited and sound like a crying puppy but it’s my way of saying I like you. I will give your cheeks a little kiss and let you tickle me everywhere.

I do love a shower when I am in there but getting me in there is the fun part, I will let you chase me all around my cage until I am ready to scrub up.

( a little secret to hurry things along, if you sing to me and I keen sing to me, I will open up quicker, my favorite music at the mo is Encanto soundtrack.)

If you are a older male, that has all the time in the world to give me, then please consider me. I have a lot to show you overtime

Cage : Yes

Location: Doncaster

Donation Fee: £0 I am cited

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