ASP ref: ASP572

Name: Hugo

Species: Green Cheek Conure

Description: Hello this is Hugo, he’s 6 years old, adorable and loves company. Hugo will happily sit with his

safehouse mummy or daddy and has sat with our 7-year-old grandson quite happily. He loves to
snuggle into your chin, blouse or shirt and have a little nap. A happy go lucky little bird always
looking to give love and kisses.
Hugo’s diet has changed since arriving into safehouse and he has been more than happy to have his
vegetables, sprouted beans, lentils, Tropican lifetime formula pellets, fruit and chop mix.
He loves being out of his cage all day, occasionally popping back to his cage for food. Hugo gets up
about 6:30-7 and tucks himself into bed around 7-7:30pm with his cover over the cage and not a
peep until he wakes the next day. He will stay in bed longer but we are early risers in the week so
don’t worry you don’t have to be an early early bird!
Hugo loves taking a shower under a trickling tap as we stand at the sink, he chirps away and if I
didn’t know better, I would say he was singing in the shower!!
Hugo is not a good flyer and does tend to start of well but them plummets down so he prefers to
travel around the house on a shoulder or hand.
Cage : Yes
Location: Flint
Donation Fee: £100
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