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ASP ref: ASP571

Name: Ozzie

Species: Lesser Sulphur Cockatoo

Description: My name is ozzy and I’m a lesser sulphur cockatoo, I came back into the charity due to no fault of my own and I’m now ready to spread my wings and find a new place to roost, my SH mum says I am a very noisy bird but hey I’m a too and that’s what we do so I hope you don’t mind some noise because boy I can shout mainly when I’m bored or left alone but sometimes I do it just because I want too, I am very needy so i am in need of constant attention so you would have to be home most of the time I’m afraid because I suffer badly with separation anxiety to its best if I’m not left for long periods of time, I love my toys in my cage but only if you don’t touch them I’m not to keen on sharing but with time I could learn to share more, my SH mum thinks I would be better being the only bird in your home as I like to chase the other birds in the flock that are here and push them around and will bite if they let me get close enough and then try and take over their cage which my SH mum says I’m not allowed as this could possibly cause a fight which she obviously doesn’t want to happen as we are all precious to her, I could possibly live with another but under strict supervision.
I don’t fly due to a injury sustained when I was younger and now my wing hangs funny so please don’t be alarmed when you see it but it doesn’t stop me in anyway I can clamber round pretty easy enough just make sure I’ve enough things to climb on to get around easier, i do like to chew so need plenty of things tongnaw on just soni dont chew anything im not suppose to, I can be a bit funny with most people and have tried/have nipped most people in the house I’m at ATM but nothing to nasty, I will make a grab for you when I’m in the cage by sticking my foot through the bars and holding on so just be cautious when around my cage and I’m in, I’m quite easy going with both male and female but I bend more to a female easier than I do a male but as long as you willing to work with me and arent afraid to be bitten we could become friends , I just need someone to give me that chance but like my SH mum says it’s not IF we will bite but WHEN you hoomans just need to learn to read us and not rush in just because we are cute.
Well don’t think there’s much more to say other than if you want to take me home then you need to have a homecheck so feel free to get the ball rolling if you haven’t already hopefully see you soon.
Ozzy the too

 Cage: Yes and a table stand

Location: Grimsby

Donation fee: £0 I am CITES

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