ASP570 – Purdie – Senegal Parrot

Species: Senegal Parrot

Name: Purdie

Description: Purdie is a pretty Senegal parrot age 13- a teenager!
She has been loved by her family since a chick but changes mean that she is looking for a new home.
She loves flying out of her cage but going back – not so good.
She is a great Whistler and we have daily whistling competitions- who can keep going the longest…usually Purdie wins!
One of her favorite toys is a babble ball. Quite often we listen and try to work out, was that Purdie or the ball?
She was bonded to a lady but at times she would nip. She carefully takes a grape and then slices it in half.
She enjoys a fruit pot from time to time and tries different fruit and vegetables. Her favorite fruit treat is a grape. Tidy mix is also part of her diet.
Purdies cage is in excellent condition and we have continued to cover her at night.
We have 2 African greys in our household and we don’t detect any interest between Purdie and either of them.

Cage: Yes

Location: Essex

Donation Fee: £100

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