ASP566 – Derbyan parrot – Boris (Bojo )

ASP reference number: ASP566

Species: Derbyan parrot

Name: Boris (bojo)

Description: Boris (bobo) Boris is Loveable parrot, 

We made leaps and bounds in areas such as he now has small vocabulary such as hi ya and good boy Bobo what you doing  giz a grape, will also shout mum whilst I’m out the room. 
Not been able to physically touch him yet he still quite timid, he does like sit on top of his cage and wait for you turn around so he can undo ropes of our rocky (macaw)
If you have the time to invest I know within a short time he will the best friend you are looking for. 
Loves pine nuts, and his toast in a morning,
Seems to favour females currently, as in he more curious, males go near he flees or gets anxious. 
Other than that Bobo is an adorable parrot who will without a doubt fill your days with laughter you can even use him as an alarm clock. 05:00 every morning Boris is on he vocal training.
It is fabulous.
Anyone considering to adopt Boris 
Won’t regret it, all he needs is your time and love

Location: Grimsby 

Cage: Yes

Donation fee: £50

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