ASP554 – Rio – Quaker Parrot


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Valid from 14/04/2022 to 31/5/2022


ASP ref: ASP554

Species: Quaker Parrot

Name: Rio

Description: Rio is straight out of his cage today. I have given him my hand just to see how nippy he is. He is quite nippy and gives a good aggressive pinch. He has flown around the room and gin back on top of his cage.
He has been given fresh chop. He absolutely loves cucumber. If you give him three slices he will eat the insides and leave the green part intact. He is a pretty boy, 8 years old.
He has quite a list of words and phrases which Esme told me he says. Good morning, good boy. Keep moving are some of them. I haven’t heard a lot more as yet. He has settled well in two days.

Cage: Yes

Location: Norfolk

Donation fee: £75

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