ASP535 – Kiwi – Alexandrian parrot


Kiwi is in the process of being adopted


ASP ref: ASP535

Species: Alexandrian parrot

Name: Kiwi

Description:Β  kiwi is fine he’s a beautiful boy who Β he talks a lot lol which is amazing πŸ‘ he says hello to you and has a few choice naughty words haha he makes the most incredible sounds! he does the old fashion telephone ring, a cat purring, wolf whistles and mimics tunes just to mention a few ! he us great with stepping up loves to sit on your head and share your food and drinks lol he hasn’t bitten anyone yet which is amazing if he feels worried he holds your finger in his mouth but puts on no pressure at all,Β  he loves! being out of his cage and having a fly around I have him out from 9am to 7pm and he’s caused no destruction to anything. He loves taking his treats into the top of my tall standing lamp nestling in and looking at himself in the Mirror that’s next to it lol he’s not comfortable with being stroked or his head touched but we have made big progress with him now liking his beak being held and gently rubbed ❀ there is absolutely no rush for him to go but I just thought I’d let you know as I don’t want him to miss a chance with his perfect people.Β He enjoys flying out of the cage and eating fruit. He can be prone to chewing things. Kiwi also likes to perch on peoples’ shoulders but can still nip clothes and ears, though he doesn’t seem to mind being petted. the last bit is from the lad who has kiwi

Cage: Yes

Location: Bristol

Donation fee: Β£75

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