ASP534 – Mango – Sun Conure


ASP ref: ASP534

Species: Sun Conure

Name: Mango


Mango was hand reared at Adlington pets shop and lived with her family for around 4 years. They would leave her in her cage for days, hit her cage to make her be quiet and she became subdued and would self harm by plucking and biting her feathers.

The family would get pet shop to look after her when they were away and after 4 years surrendered her to the pet shop saying they didn’t want her anymore.

We found mango in the pet shop in Feb 2020 and took her home (we could not leave her she wouldn’t have lasted) and she started to rehabilitate and by May 2020 was brighter and healthy again as shown in picture below. Mango has had vet trips as check ups and always fine and was sexed as female. She has had freedom to play and fly all around the House but due to work and mental health issues it saddens us to have to say but we can no longer care and give enough face to face time to mango which she needs and deserves. Mango is a very needy bird and will shout until she is worth a human. She will tolerate other birds and toys but only really wants to be with a human and now has a habit of biting her feathers for anything, hot, board etc. Mango hates hangers, hoovers, mops, cloths and cleaning in general and will get angry if in the room especially with hangers. We feel mango needs someone who either works part time male or retired to give her the attention and training she deserves. It kills us to rehome her but we don’t want to be selfish and try to keep her when she’s not having the lifestyle she needs to be as happy as possible. She has had a rough start to life and needs a good home.


Cuddles, scratches, apples, grapes, and melon, singing and music loves to dance, baths in her metal dish, hiding and biting in t shirts

beards, men, hide outs such as boxes and cupboards, chewing towels and t shirts, will tolerate other birds but doesn’t get involved with them

 Dislikes ; Hangers, Hoovers, mops, and cleaning cloths, being held over her wings, being alone. cello tape


Age: 8 years old

Cage: Yes

Location: Manchester

Donation Fee: £100

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