ASP533 – Dillon – Orange Winged Amazon


ASP Reference: ASP533

Species: Orange Winged Amazon

Name: Dillon

Description: My names Dylan and I’m a yellow fronted Amazon! I’ve been with my safehouse mum now for 4 days and I feel I’ve settled in great! I’m a typical Amazon, I have a big heart and a huge personality…I will hold onto your finger and say hello to you and request a nice head scratch(these are the best!)
I’m an easily adapted birdie so I will be happy in a home with both male and female, other parrots and dogs. All I ask for is if you do have other pets that I get equal love and attention they do.
I love to fly around the room and explore, once I gain the confidence I will sit on your shoulder and give you kisses. I am a real cutie❤️
I’m slowly coming around to veg although this is a working progress, I do however like roudybush pellet which my new home will need to keep me on. I do like egg, apple, a slice of peach and my favorite treats are walnut and Brazil nuts.
I love toys so my new home will need to treat me to some new ones.
I’m a happy bird that just wants to be loved and settled in a forever home.

Cage: Yes

Location: Kent

Donation fee: £150

Please email if you think you can offer Dillon a home

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