ASP ref: ASP533

Name:  Dillon 

Species: Orange Wing Amazon

Description: Dillion is small but full of character and personality, it takes her a while to get comfortable with a new person, and she can be defensive and nippy at first but it’s all front. As I said she needs time to settle. She gets so excited when she’s you enter a room and fans her colourful tail feathers and a serenade of a car alarm noise.
She loves her head scratched and she would be more than happy to get it 24/7, eventually she will allow you to give her belly rubs or a stroke of the back, until she allows you to do this she will grab your finger with her claw as a no, then you stand there looking awkwardly at each other while holding hands.

She has started to step up onto your fingers with ease, but I imagine you will have to gain her trust again but it will come with time, on your first couple of days she will flair and growl at you but once see she’s you as no threat, she will greet you with a thousand hello’s in a posh southern accent.

She will eventually sit on your shoulder but again just give her time, but once she’s on your shoulder she’s happy to stay there. She is flyer and will do a couple of circles but she is more happy to be back on her cage. Dillion loves to be out of her cage, she is currently out of the cage from 6am till 6pm and is in her cage from 6pm till 6am currently just to sleep as she does love a good 12hrs sleep. While out of cage she does not damage anything not a single thing which is wonderful.

Feeding is easy when it comes to Dillion as she likes everything from fresh fruit to fresh or mashed veggies, and she loves to dunk her food in her water before she chows down so a lot of water changes in a day, it’s around 3-4 water changes a day but it just depends on each day.

Dillion would be suited to a 35+ home, a couple or a single person who can spend some time with her to get her comfortable and trust. Young Kids would be a problem, Dillion ain’t the biggest fan of children especially when they stick their fingers in the cage, she would not hesitate to show them not to start annoying her.

She’s not a fan of dogs, you will know when she’s scared or uncomfortable as she gets the hiccups and will retreat into her cage, but she is good with other amazons or African greys but absolutely no larger birds, as she turns into the hulk and decides she can star fights with anything bigger and this includes macaws.

Dillion is on the way to been a perfect bird for someone and she has a lot of love and hilarious times to give someone.

And wait till she comes in for kisses and you get to smell her plumage and it’s such a sweet, warm scent of honeysuckle.

Location: Doncaster

Cage: Yes

Donation Fee: £150

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Please email Rehoming if you would like to offer Dillon a forever home


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