ASP53 & ASP54 – Sweetie – Greenwing & Boss – Blue and Gold Macaw

ASP ref : ASP53 and ASP54

Name: Sweetie and Boss

Species: Greenwing Macaw and Blue and Gold Macaw

Description: This is Sweetie the Greenwing and Boss the B&G and they are around 7-8years old.
We are looking for a new home and hoping we will find one to suit our needs.
We are settled in a routine too:-
9am our bell is rung and we are let out, we waddle out the door into our outdoor aviary. (Although at the moment we aren’t allowed out due to the bird flu outbreak), but generally this has always been our routine. We would be extremely happy if our new home could follow this routine too! We would love it if our new home can take our outdoor aviary with us🙂So when it is safe we can start to enjoy our outdoor time again.
A bell is rung again in the afternoon when it’s time to go back inside.
We can be fussy eaters so will need lots of encouragement to improve our diet. We do prefer fruit over veg!
Sweetie is more gentle and confident, she will stand on your arm and accept food and does gimme “5”. Boss on the other hand a little more reserved and can bite and mean it at times. They have their moments where they bicker but most of the time contented preening each other❤️
The home that will most suit us would be somewhere where we have plenty of time out as we don’t like being cooped up for too long a periods.
A home where humans can be confident with us and are willing to offer lots of love, time and patience.

Cage: yes a large one

Location: Coventry 

Donation fee: £400

You must be a gold star member to adopt any of the birds from ASP ( see link below )


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