ASP514 – Budgie – Patagonia Conure

Species: Patagonian Conure

Name: Budgie (Buddy)


Hi I’m Budgie but my safe house parents call me “buddy”

I’m an 18year old male Patagonian parrot, I have not really bonded with anyone for a long time as my original owner left me and was coming back but decided not to pick me up and my last owners would spend between 4-6 months in Spain and I would be put in boarding so I do have slight trust issues as everyone seems to leave me and I’ve not had a stable home or family, I have been plucking since my last boarding stay but I’m trying so hard to stop…..I have a lots of character, I love my baths and I also love music, my favorite toys are my bells but I’m slightly protective of my toys and cage as that’s all I have had stable in my 18 years . My safe house parents have been leaving my cage door open but I don’t feel like I want to come out just yet but I’m sure I would if I am given time and lots of love.
I was fed pure sunflower seeds in my previous home but my safe house parents have been trying me with a mixed diet now and it’s amazing not yet loving the fruit and veg yet but Iv moved on from only sunflower seeds.

I would love a home to stay for the rest of my days and build that bond with a family and get the love I really need I do prefer females but I thinks it’s just because all the male in my life have left me.

Cage: Yes 

Location Glouscester

Donation fee: £100

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