ASP512 – Charlie – Orange Wing Amazon

ASP ref: ASP512

Name: Charlie

Species: Orange wing amazon


Hello my name is Charlie and I’m a orange winged Amazon. I am about 20 years old and I am
currently with my safe house mummy and daddy.
When Charlie came into the safe house it was initially thought that he preferred a male carer,
however after being in the safe house for a week it’s obvious it’s a female carer he needs. Charlie is
very responsive and loves nothing better than to chat away and listen to you talking to him and
singing. Charlie enjoys being out of his cage all day and exploring and has grown in confidence, flying
over to his safe house mummy for a chat. Charlie loves head tickles, but on his terms when he’s
ready for them. Charlie does try to get his own way and will test you, previous experience with
Amazon’s will help as you must be firm with him.
Other pets in the house, Charlie is very nervous, he will scream out very loud if a dog comes up to his
cage when he is inside literally hanging onto the inside of his cage for dear life, this may change in
time but preferably his forever home should not help any four-legged friends.
Charlie has gone into a different cage since coming into All Star parrots something he chose to do all
on his own and he has adjusted well. He is in and out of his cage quite happily all day, when it’s time
for bed he happily takes himself inside whereas previously he used to sleep on top of his cage.
Charlie happily sits in the window everyday on his perch watching the world go by and shouts at
everyone as they pass. In the last two days he is trying to say hello and I’m sure he is shouting mum
too, so this is something that can be enhanced with the right interaction.
Charlie’s diet with fruit and vegetables is very good trying various foods such as carrot a Mashed
potato with garden peas, sweet corn, grated carrot, pomegranate, apples, bananas, lentils, walnuts,
almonds, broccoli on stalks, cauliflower to name but a few.
He will make his new family a great companion and keep you entertained with his willingness to
explore and interact with you.
Location: Flint
Cage: No 
Donation fee: £150
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