ASP511 – Fred – Yellow Fronted Amazon


ASP ref: ASP511

Name: Fred

Species: Yellow Fronted Amazon

Description: My name is Fred and I’m a yellow fronted Amazon. I’m believed to be 20-35 years old.
To become settled in a forever home I’m going to need a female carer as I take a real dislike to men unfortunately.
At the moment my biggest security is my cage, I’ve not really ventured out as my safehouse is still quite new to me. I’m sure once I build trust I will gain confidence to come out of my cage more.
I love tickles from my safe house mum, it make take a little time for my new mum to let me do this but if you have confidence with me I may show you my confidence too!
I’m a typical Amazon , I love water!!! I will spread my wings to make sure you spray every part of me.
It has taken a while to get to know what toys are all about but I’m now getting the hang of it, it’s really quite fun!!!!
My bell and ball are a favourite❤️
At the moment my diet is a bit hit and miss so I will need lots of encouragement to try new things. I enjoy apple and pear at the bottom on my cage, please make sure you remove all the seeds as they are toxic and can harm me.I will have a go eating carrot and sweet corn.
I am on tidymix now so a good , clean, quality seed is what my new mum will need to keep me on.
I’m not really a flyer but if I do go to fly please supervise me until I get the hang of it again.
I fine in s home with dogs and other birds, I’m quite adapted to loud noises.
I think I will need a home where I will get lots of attention and the love I deserve.
I hope you enjoyed my write up and I now await my forever home.


Cage: Yes

Location: Dorset

Donation fee: £150

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