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ASP502 – Charlie – Yellow Fronted Amazon


ASP ref: ASP502

Species: Yellow Crowned Amazon

Name: Charlie

Description: Just wanted to pop by and say hi to everyone. My name is Charlie, I’m a 20 year old yellow crowned amazon, I am new to all star parrots after being relinquished into the charity after my owner decided they didn’t like the noises I was making. I was in a home with a lot of dogs and didn’t leave my cage. They didn’t have time for me anymore as the dogs where too demanding
I arrived at my safe house about 1 week ago now and have settled in really quickly. I have my friend percy to keep me company and we chat all day making all sorts of silly sounds, I will be the phone and Percy will be the answer machine.
I do get very chatty come the evening and love to come out and sit on the shoulder but come bed time I am very good once covered. But I may make you jump in the morning if you try to sneak past I will give a very weird laugh.
When I came to my safe house I was very unsteady and not use to the perch but I am now an expert at balancing but still would rather fall asleep in my food bowl. I will even hold my toast now in the morning.
My safe mummy has started feeding me fresh fruit an veg twice a day, I can be a little unsure but when I am hungry I will eat it, I do love some brown rice added and even scrambled egg, and love a cashew nut as a treat. I am easily trained with a nut and will follow anywhere it goes.
I wasn’t use to toys but my safe house mummy put some toys in my cage, for the first few days I was scared of them but now I am chewing through them just as quick as Percy.
Unfortunately I am not a lover of men, they have tried to give me head rubs and even when I say no they keep trying but I still am unsure, ideally I would love to have a forever mummy who has time to make me feel safe. I am in a house with a devil child going through terrible twos and he doesn’t bother me one bit. If he shouts I shout back. I now have a new cage due to mine being rusty and I feel so much better and relaxed

Location@ Kent

Cage: Yes

Donation fee: £150

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