ASP502 – Charlie – Yellow Crown Amazon

ASP ref: ASP502

Species: Yellow Crown Amazon

Description: Charlie I so loving with the right person. Not a lover of men but I’m sure if the right man was around and a bit of a carer he would be less grumpy. Charlie wants to be every where you are, he will quite happily stay on your shoulder while doing chores, not while cooking obviously. He is needy for company. He prefers fruit rather than veg along with his tidy mix and parrot mix. He does love his peanut butter on toast. He would happily sit on your chest and have cuddles, loves having his head played with and wondering around the house. Sadly I think he has become a little to protective of me and shouts when I leave the room or speak to others. Wonder if he would like company of another bird or someone with more experience. Love him to pieces I really do. Think it would be better for him in a home with no others pets then he could roam freely, he just loves to be wherever you are Xx


Location: Essex

Donation fee: £150

You must be a Gold Star member to adopt any of the birds ( see link below )

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