ASP501 – Zeus – Alexandrian Parrot


ASP ref: ASP501

Species: Alexandrian Parrot

Name: Zeus

Description: Hello, my name is Zeus, I’m an Alexandrina parrot and approximately 23 years old. I am a chilled

character most of the time and very gentle mannered. My SH mummy and daddy tell me I am lovely
whilst I’m perched on their shoulders walking about the house or sitting watching TV with them. I
can speak a few words such as, “Hello and Bye”, I also whistle and make the noise of a cat “Meow”.
Occasionally, I can be a little bit loud when I want attention but the more attention, I have the less
fuss I make and of course being out of my cage helps as I’m always busy. Since arriving at my safe
house my cage is open all day and I can come and go as I please whilst they are at home with me,
and I am getting better at flying between rooms from one perch to another and love it!
I do like my cage and I can be a little bit cage protective but again I am getting better and will allow
my SH mummy to take me out of my cage on her arm. I do not really like a human hand in my cage,
but an arm is fine for me to step up onto and I do need encouragement to come out of my cage.
Now I get up between 7 and 8am and go to bed anytime from 7:30 to 8:30, you will know when I’m
tired as I get a bit vocal and irritable.
I don’t like to be sprayed at all, but I will take a dip in my water bowl. I have quite a good diet, but
my SH mummy thinks I should try more vegetables. I do like garden peas, carrot and mashed potato,
broccoli, sweetcorn, apply, banana, walnuts, grapes, and I have tried a boiled egg but not sure on
that one!!
Zeus if happy to have older children around him but younger screaming children he tends to get
quite nervous and stresses looking for reassurance. He has been around dogs before and whilst
being in his safe house we notice that again he gets very nervous when a dog passes his cage when
he is inside so probably no dogs would be a good idea. Zeus will happily go to male or female and if
you have long hair then he snuggles into the side of you head but watch out as he wraps his head
around you hair, thus I have several chunks cut out of my hair in sheer panic he was going to hurt
himself and now I keep my hair loosely tied!! Zeus is a wonderful little character and will enhance
your live if you have the time to give him. Zeus does get on with other parrots, he just so chilled and
looking for company.
Cage: Yes
Location: Flint CH6
Donation fee: £100
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