ASP500 – Charlie – African Grey Parrot


ASP ref: ASP500

Species: African Grey

Desciption: Hi everyone!!! My name is Charlie the grey❤️

I’m believed to be female although not DNA tested.
I was very loved and carer for by my previous owner, you see I was a baby when they got me but sadly they couldn’t care for me any longer.
I’m in my twenties now so I would like a home I can call my forever!
I settled in my safehouse immediately from day one. I felt relaxed and was chatting away as I got in the front door. I’m a right little character!
My feathers look a little tatty at the moment but have not touched my feathers since being in my safehouse.
I do love a good head tickle now and getting more confident day by day. I’m still very much nervous of venturing out my cage as I hadn’t been out of the cage for years. I will in time build up my confidence and take that big leap away from my cage.
I’m willing to try an array of fruit and veg and I’m on tidy mix now, away from the bad pet shop seed.
One of my favourite treats is a segment of orange.
I love joining in with everything that’s going on, music, people, phone conversations and noisy dogs.
I have adapted well to my safehouse, I was used to an African grey in my previous home, plenty of visitors,,a dog and cats.
One cat called tinkerbell which I often call for “Where’s Tinkerbell?”
My repertoire is amazing- I recite nursery rhymes regularly and when my safehouse mum cleans my cage I tell her “look at all that mess you’ve made with all that water!”
I’m looking for a female as my main carer and a home where I can have plenty of fun.
My new adoptee will need to buy me a nice cage as my original cage was in poor condition.
If you think that home is with you please email
Cage: No
Donation fee: £0 I am Cited
You need to be a gold star member to adopt any of the birds from ASP ( see link below )

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