ASP491 – Mango – Cockatiel


ASP ref: ASP491

Name: Mango

Species: Cockatiel

Description: Hello, my name is Mango, I’m a cinnamon cockatiel and I’m 6 years old.
I am new to All Star Parrots after being relinquished into the charity because my previous owner struggled with the noise I made and my hormones went a little crazy.
I was in a home with an African grey but spent a lot of time in my cage and my playtimes got restricted.
I am now in my new safehouse which I’m really happy in, I’m a lot calmer and relaxed and make noises like any other bird.
I have a new buddy in my safehouse to, an African grey who is great with me….we love to fly around the room!!!
My diet needs some work but I am encouraged to eat more vegetables than I used to.
My safehouse mum tells me they are good for me. Along side this I’m on a parakeet mix.
My personality is really starting to shine now, I’m a happy little bird and love to talk and whistle.
I enjoy the evening time when I get to spend lots of time with my safehouse mum. I love to fly onto her knee and I’m most content there….I will even sit on my safehouse dads knee too!
As I’m a little hormonal at the minute I am fond of a slipper, I love to play and chat to them.
I think I would happily suit a home with children as I love to interact with them, I don’t mind males or females either.
I’m also happy to be in a home with other birds.
I come with my own cage.

Cage: Yes

Location: Clacton on sea, Essex.

Donation Fee: Just a donation

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