ASP482 – Paulie – Senegal Parrot

ASP ref: ASP482

Name: Paulie

Species: Senegal Parrot

Description:  Paulie seems to be doing well. He’s a lovely bird and seems quite happy in his cage, ( I would still recommend a larger one though) he nibbles on his toys but doesn’t destroy them fast. He takes treats through the bars from my hand but then drops them on the floor and goes down for them when I move away from him. He has been out a few times and likes to sit on the curtain pole, it’s quite a job to get him back into his cage though as he’s still not sure about us. He has stepped up on my hand a couple of times now and even walked up and sat on my shoulder once but if you move he flies off. He really likes my 18 year old son, he lets him stroke his head through the bars, I’ve tried but he doesn’t come over for me to stroke him. He’s still very nervous when he’s out of the cage though but definitely improving. I’m sure it will just take some more time and he could be quite well tamed. He hasn’t tried to attack anyone yet but we are taking it slowly with him and it does seem to be working, just letting him go at his pace and not rushing it.
He makes some lovely sounds and whistles but then does the occasional high pitch screech. He says hello, how you doing, you alright. I haven’t heard any other words yet but he might know more. He likes to hang upside down from the top of his cage and dances side to side sometimes which is nice to watch.

Cage: Yes but ideally needs a bigger one

Location: Gloucestershire 

Donation Fee: £75

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