ASP481 – George – Budgie


ASP ref: ASP481

Species: Budgie

Name: George

Description: Hello everyone my name is George
I came to my safehouse mum a few months ago and settled in straight away. I love my morning chop of vegetables and sprouted seed it’s really yummy 😋 I also have my Budgie seed and these pellet things which I throw away.

I was scared of hands when I first arrived but I’m not scared anymore and will sit and chat to mummy and daddy at night when it’s my time out. I love flying around the room teasing the bigger birds with brilliant dive bombs , I’m an excellent flyer I’ve been told. I did try to make friends but they don’t want to know me so I annoy them now.
I’m looking for a friend someone small like me.

I love my toys that mum bought me and play with them all especially my 🔔 I love my bell
Mum showers me once a week which I hated at first but sort of like it now sometimes anyway
I come with my cage one a stand and my new toys


Cage: Yes

Location: Scunthorpe

Donation: Just a donation

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