ASP480 – Bobby – Blue and Gold Macaw


ASP ref: ASP480

Species: Blue and Gold Macaw

Name: Bobby

Description: My name is Bobbie, I’m a gorgeous blue & gold macaw although I look a little rough around the edges at the moment. Im believed to be around 18 years young.
I came into the charity just over a month ago as my previous owner didn’t have enough time to keep me due to work commitments.
My diet wasn’t the greatest but during my time in safehouse I was introduced and now converted to Harrison’s pellet.
I enjoy an array of fruit and vegetables and also a little pasta or rice mixed in my chop.
I’m out of my cage for a lot of the day and go into my cage when I’m being fed. I have a routine with my bedtime. I can be a little toad when being put in my cage at bedtime but my safe house dad knows me now and can bribe me with a walnut.
I am a big bird and can be loud at times, especially when I want something you have or if I just want to be with you. This is something that may need a little work. I love cuddles more than anything and if your confident with me I will show you affection always.
I do feel a little more trust to humans now as my feathers are gradually coming back.
I love someone to be home for me as I can fret a little if left too long. A male carer will suit my needs best but I’m very slowly coming round to females.
I will play happily out of my cage foraging around with a walnut in a shell, I’m not too keen on toys but I think this is something that I will come around to gradually.
If you have lots of time to offer me and can give me a home I truly deserve then you could be the perfect home for me.

Cage: Yes a large corner one

Location: Kent

Donation fee: £250

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