ASP478 – Ellie and Charlie – Orange Wing Amazon and Timneh Grey


ASP ref: ASP478

Name: Charlie and Ellie

Species: Orange wing amazon & Timneh African grey

Description: Hi my name is Charlie I’m a Timneh African grey about 21 years young I love you talking to me and the attention. I’m not hand tame but am steadily getting use to my safe house mummy and daddy I let them tickle my head for a second then I make them jump by moving quickly to whistle. I really like my treats specially monkey nuts I will take them gently from hand I am trying vegetables and fruit but prefer fruit. I like being out my cage and just sitting there watching what you are doing. I also like my play stand. I occasionally will nip but most of the time is a whistle with head going up fast

Hi my name is Ellie I’m a amazon and about 21 years young. I am a disabled bird with my feet but it doesn’t effect me much I can still get around. I am a bit cage protective but if I’m on the floor I’m your best friend as need help getting back on cage but will happily sit with you.  If I’m to close to my cage I will try and fly back to my cage again. I will take nuts gently from your hand, I am a bit of a talker on my own terms and like a whistle but I am quite the rest of the time. I am more of a open mouth when u come near me but I will back off and move away. Me and Charlie have been together for so long now we do share a cage but he can annoy me by chasing me around and pulling and my tail feather so I scream. We are not bothered about anything like dogs children. Elle uses her mouth more to help her balance and climb. So if I step up please don’t think I’m going to bite you.

Location: Dorset

Cage: yes and a play stand

Donation fee: £150

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