ASP467 – Prit Prit – Sun Conure


ASP ref: ASP467

Name: Prit Prit

Species: Sun Conure

Description: Hello, my name is Prit Prit and I am 8 years old. I am very affectionate and love being out of my cage
all day with safe house mummy and daddy. I fly freely around the house following them and have a
shoulder ride when I get tired.

I love head tickles and being made a fuss but my all-time favorite thing to do is snuggling under their
clothing so I can be nice and warm, this is where I go to sleep my SH mummy kisses my and I blow
kisses back, then my safe house mummy puts me back in my cage for the night. I like to be covered
when I go to sleep, and I like a good 10 hours, so I am nice and refreshed in the morning ready for
my breakfast, I usually rise anytime from 6:30 – 8:00am.

In the morning once you uncover me, I am ready to come out of my cage, however if your busy then
I will call and call you until you hear me!!! I spend a lot of my day being entertained by the adults in
the house, but I also like to sit on my perch in front of the window where I get a lot of attention from
people passing as I watch everything that is going on. I will spend time chewing on some of my
foraging toys but not really fussed with anything else, the humans keep me entertained and busy.

My SH mummy is trying all these strange new foods with me, lentils, chickpeas, mung beans, chop
mix, vegetables too. I like a bit of fruit, banana, apple and I tried pomegranate but not sure on that
one! I am still in the experimental stage with my food so you will have to be patient with me.
I do not get on with other birds at all, I need to be the only one, so I have your full attention and
company. My SH mummy tells me I am the most adorable, cutest, and cuddliest little bird she has
known. I do nip my mummy at times but that because she is ignoring me reading a book or watching
TV or has stopped giving me a head tickle. Mummy says I am demanding but it’s only because I love

Ideally Prit Prit would suit a forever home that has the time to spend with her, she makes an
excellent companion and is always there to greet you when you return home calling out to you. She
can be nervous if it’s too noisy too. Prit Prit has been plucking a few feathers from her chest prior to
her arriving at with Allstar Parrot but in the last couple of weeks they have started to grow back and
I’m sure with the right home she will be very contented, and the feather plucking won’t be a

Prit Prit does not like being locked in her cage during the day, she’s no trouble out of her cage she
just wants company and to be center of attention. 

Cage: Yes

Location: Flint,  CH6 

Donation fee: £75

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