ASP ref: ASP465 / ASP466

Name: Crackers – African Grey & Rocky – Hahns Macaw

Description: we introduced ourselves a couple of weeks ago, im rocky a severe macaw im 28 yrs old and have been a plucker, but they are growing back now , n that one is cracker the african grey he is 14, we only ever had 1 lady owner. So all this change its weird, we are looking to be rehomed together, we are still very shy around people I have 2 claws missing and only half a wing I can’t fly ! My safe house mum has given me lots of different fruits and veg, some are lovely some are disgusting, i will be hand tamed once I get to know you, I like to nest in boxes and rip them up i do come out and run around the cage n get on the floor and chase feet, cracker well for a grey he is quite alright, he isnt naked like me,he chats alot 🙄 tells me he won’t be long but he doesn’t actually go anywhere 😅 he could do with a bigger cage aswell he also turns his head upside down 🙃 he is the same with fruit and veg, he has lost his flight feathers so cant actually fly, but when they grow back he will, anyway thats enough for today its bed time. So if you can give us plenty of time to build our confidence it would be so good and we would love you forever,

Location Plymouth

Cages yes: but they are not the best

Donation fee: £200 

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