ASP ref: ASP464

Name: Sam

Species: African grey parrot

Description: My name is Sam and im around 30 years young. I have a good vocabulary, and i love to say goodnight to my safehouse dad when he covers me at bedtime. My main diet at present is a clean seed, im a little unsure of fruit and veg so my new home will need to encourage me and get me onto a healthier diet. I do however enjoy a bit of banana so its a start!! My safehouse dad has been giving me some treats by hand to help me gain trust and get used to hands.
I must admit im going to need a little work, so my new home must understand this.
All round though im a lovely boy, i just like to show off and chatter away.
Im not really used to coming out of my cage just yet but when i find my forever home i will have the time to settle and come out of my shell.


Donation fee: £0 I am cites
Location: Battersea, South London
Cage: Yes

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