ASP457 – Coco & Rosie – green cheek conure & pineapple conure

ASP ref:  ASp457

Species : Green Cheek Conure & Pineapple Conure

Name: Coco and Rosie


My name is Coco I am a 7-8 year old green cheek conure.

I enjoy being out of my cage most of the day and can get a little noisy when I can’t come out, I love spending time with my mate rosie but once I get comfortable with you I also like spending lots of time with my human, I can say a few words and always greet you with a hello and kissing noises but I also like to tell you no if you are doing something I don’t like.

I enjoy a bath most days and my favorite place to bath is my water bowl even if mum has provided a bath for me.

 I am fully flighted but can be a little lazy and call for you to come and get me, I step up and enjoy head scratches,  beware I also like to nip  toes its definitely fun to watch my mum jump.

I enjoy seed mix and all fruit my mum has tried lots of veg and pellets but I am really not interested.

I have lots of toys but I am not very interested I like sitting on my cage watching out the window or sitting with my mum getting attention.

I love my mum but I am not keen on the children and can nip them if the get to close so a house with older children or grown ups would be better, I also don’t like my mums smaller birds and I can be a bully sometimes.

I am a lovely boy just looking for the right home please give me time to settle in and ill make the most loving companion for you.

My name is Rosie I am a 4-5 year old pineapple conure.

I am a lovely bird but can be very shy to start with, my favorite thing in the world in my mate coco and I have to be near him to feel comfortable, I can also be a little jealous if you tough my man but I am getting better the more I learn to trust my mum.

I am very hand shy so I don’t like to step up but I have been doing some recall with her for my favorite treat walnuts, I will fly to your arm when called once comfortable but be aware I can nip randomly but I don’t bite hard.

The more time you spend with me the braver I will get, I love sitting near my mum and spend lots of time on her head preening her hair.

My only problem is I really don’t like other bird my mum has budgies and I am very aggressive towards them and she worries I will hurt them.

Coco and Rosie are a wonderful pair and will make the right person amazing companions I would recommend they don’t go to a home with smaller birds and rosie can be aggressive and will chase them to bite wings, tails or feet

Location: Bournmouth

Cage: Comes with sleep cage, toys and travel cage

Donation Fee: £100

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