ASP ref: ASP457

Name: Coco & Rosie

Species: Green Cheek Conure & Pineapple Conure

Description: Welcome Coco and Rosie to ASP.
Coco is a 7yr old green cheek conure and Rosie the pineapple conure is 4.
These 2 little characters are now ready to adopt and looking for their forever home.
Since being with their safehouse mum it hasnt taken them long to gain confidence. They can be a little nippy at times but Coco is definitely the tamest of the 2 and will happily step up. Rosie on the other hand may take a little more time, although she does like to land on you occasionally and sit on your head.
Diet wise is still a work in progress with their fresh veg, this just needs time and persistence. They love their fruit especially fig, cherries(no pip) and blackberries.
Coco and rosie can be a little cage territorial, they love to sit on top and preen each other while chattering away.
These 2 beautiful birds will make lovely companions for the right person.

Cage: Yes

Location: Southampton

Donation fee: £100

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