ASP ref: 452

Name: George

Species: Umbrella cockatoo

Description: Hi everyone I’m George, I’m currently living with my safe house mummy and daddy who I love dearly but I prefer females. I was originally acquired in 2014 from a pet shop. I’m such a happy loud boy who loves all the attention. I love to cuddle daily and would happily let you do it all day but my safe house mummy is trying to not cuddle me too much as when she stops or cant, i scream for more attention from her, oh how I love my cuddles 😍. I love to play ball too but the deal is i do the throwing and you have to do the catching, it’s so fun 😂. I love a wide variety of fruit and vegetables and even the occasional pecan and almond nut as a treat. But, one thing I really don’t like is other birds that fly so I feel I would be best suited to a forever home with either no birds or at least birds that dont fly. I also like it to be a calm environment therefore I think id be a better fit for someone who doesn’t have those little people running around, what are they called…..ah yes children. I can be a very stubborn boy, especially when I don’t get my own way so it would help me if my forever home was experienced. Due to my high demand for attention i would also need someone who will be home all or at least most of the day with me as I hate being left alone for long periods of time. I just don’t like it when I’m alone, it makes me really upset which causes me to scream really loudly, that always brings my people back into the room hehe 😜. I love to be out of my cage all day but I don’t have my own 🙁 so whoever provides me with the perfect forever home will need to buy me a new cage, preferably a really large cage as I’m a big boy, with plenty of toys as I love to destroy them when I’m back in my cage 😂. Anyway thats all from me, If you feel you would be able to provide me with all I need and more then please email
I am currently living in South Yorkshire with my SH mum and dad


Location: South Yorkshire

Cage: No

Donation fee: £200

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