ASP ref: ASP451

Name: Scooby

Species: Maximillian Pionus

Description: Hi, my name is Scooby, I am a female Maximillian Pionus Parrot and I am 6 years old. I have been with my SH family now for a short while and I get on really well with both the lady and man of the house. I can be a little nervous of people of objects above me but I’m getting better. My SH grandchildren have been to visit me once and I quite enjoyed watching them from my perch, even had a tickle from the little fella, I haven’t seen children before so will have to take time to adapt. I’m not a biter but will open my beak to let you know I can bite if you come near me and I won’t to be left alone, also I can be a bit cage territorial especially when I’m tired and just need to be left alone.
I have a good routine being in and out of my cage all day snacking and playing with my toys whilst exploring, then I go to bed between 8 & 9 every night and rise next day about 8am.
I have been living in a larger cage with SH family which I do prefer as I do not like being too closed in.
I do step up and given the chance I will fly around the room onto other perches. My favourite spot is on the higher perch in front of the window watching the world go by. My SH mummy tells me I’m a very good girl and good company in the day, sometimes I perch myself either my SH mummy or daddies shoulder as they pass my cage and fancy a change.
I am rather good with my food and have an excellent appetite. My favourite foods each morning are pellets, chick peas, marrowfat peas and mung beans that have all been pre-soaked ready for me to eat. I enjoy a nice sweet apple and slices of banana, broccoli and shredded carrot are ok but I do tend to throw more out of my dish onto the floor than I eat.
The following mixture soaked for 24 hours then drained, left to sprout and put in fridge
Dried chickpeas
Dried marrowfat peas
Mung Beans
Harrison’s Adult Course pellets in the blue packet
Thank you for giving me a forever home, I know I will be very happy with you.

Cage: No

Location: North wales

Donation fee: £100

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