ASP ref: ASP450

Species: Blue and Gold Macaw

Name: Chico

Description: Chico is a blue and gold macaw 17 yrs young on the 2nd September ♥️
Chico is a big softy and loves attention and lots of it . He likes having his head and bum scratched and will have you sat all day doing this . When Chico first arrived he didn’t really want to step up but as he got to know me this has changed and he’s so much better now , this will have to be worked on with his new owners .
Chico needs to be an only bird , so no other birds please as he likes all the attention. He’s such a good boy and gets on with his own thing if he has toys to play with , he seems to like rope toys mostly and loves breaking the wooded bits 😁.
Chico was on a bad seed when he arrived and I’ve gradually introduced pellets replacing this he seems to like both tropican and kaytee pellets , he also loves his fruit , and will empty his dish most days . He will eat vegetables and likes corn and broccoli especially , he also loves the organic pasta I add now and again.
Chico will need someone who is confident with big birds as he can be stubborn so no inexperienced please or he will rule the house !
Chico needs both travel cage and appropriate sized house cage as he didn’t come with anything he will also need plenty of toys to go in it . I also speak Spanish and English

Location: Lincolnshire

Cage: No. I will need a nice big cage

Donation fee: £250

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