ASP ref: ASP448

Name: Rosie

Species: African Grey 


Hi everybody. I would like to introduce myself, my name is Rosie and I’m a Congo African Grey and I’m about 28 years old. I’ve only been with my SH mum and dad for about 2 weeks and in this time I’ve come along way. When I first arrived I was very shy and scared, there was all these new smells and noises, so I didn’t eat for the first 24 hours in my new SH home and I would stay on my perch and not move very much either. But with the patience and attention from my SH mum and dad I have really come out of my shell and have a really big appetite for fresh fruit and vegetables as well as my little treats (those sesame sticks are to die for!!!!) I’m a friendly bird but still unsure sometimes when it comes to being stroked however I know that with patience and time I will come round to it. I’m not a very talkative bird but love to make noises like meowing like a cat and bopping my head when you give me attention.

My SH mummy and daddy think that I should be ready to go to my forever home very soon and I can’t wait.

Cage: Yes

Location: Rotherham

Donation fee: £0 as i am Cited

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