ASP ref: ASP442

Name@ Juliet

Species: Cockatiel

Description: Hi, my name is Juliet and I am a 6 month (ish) old cockatiel. I was relinquished to ASP as my owner sadly developed an allergy to me. I used to be fairly tame, but since moving to my safehouse I am only really interested in the male cockatiel in the house. I love following him around and mimicking every sound he makes. I can even say “what you doin?”, which is very rare for a female cockatiel. Since meeting my new partner in crime, I have decided I no longer need humans in my life, however Jon doesn’t seem to like me very much and just chases me away. I love playing with toys, and my favourite foods are peas and fresh basil.
Juliet is a lovely little bird, who has become obsessed with the other cockatiel in the house. With a little time and some one on one training, I’m sure she will welcome humans into her life again. When she first came to me, she was always happy to step up, but as she is now obsessed with Jon, she will not step up as often, as she just wants to be with him. This can make putting her away at night a bit of a challenge! Juliet was on an unhealthy seed mix when she came to me, but is now eating a healthy tidy mix diet. She has veggies every day, and always tucks into them. I would love to adopt her, but feel she has so much potential, that it would be a waste for her to live her life following another cockatiel around. Especially when that cockatiel doesn’t want to be her friend


Location: Hertfordshire

Cage: Yes

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