ASP reference: ASP440

Name: Bobby

Species: African Grey Parrot

Description: Bobby is a lovely female CAG who has endured a sad start in life.
She is approximately 6 years old.
An elderly gentleman rescued her from a home that he claimed were ill treating her then became inseparable companions.
Sadly this came to an end when the gentleman became terminally ill and was hospitalised.
Left of her own Bobby pined for her owner and plucked out as many feathers as she could reach. After several weeks in safehouse she has once more become an affectionate, chatty bird and her feathers have started to regrow.
Having laid an egg we now know Bobby is female!
She is reasonably quiet in the house but being a wonderful mimic and talks quite well in a deep mans voice.
(Occasionally capable of being a potty mouth!)
She loves cuddles and once she trusts you will happily step up for a head scratch.
I feel Bobby would prefer a male carer but has shown no issues with the ladies.
She has a good appetite and is starting to be more adventurous with fruit and veg.
She refuses to eat pellets, but this may take some persistence. She does enjoy a healthy, clean, good quality seed.


Location:  Shrewsbury

Donation fee: £0 I am cited

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