ASP reference: ASP437

Name: Jake

Species: African Grey Parrot

Descrition: Hello, I’m Jake a very handsome African Grey who’s 18 years old. When I came to my SH mummy I was a plucker and had quite a few bald patches but after a couple of weeks my feathers have started to grow back. The trick is to interact with me, talk and sing and I will dance with you and talk back. I have quite a good vocabulary, including, Hello, Come on, where’s my dinner, I call my SH mummies dogs Alfie and Wilma by their names and can whistle any tune you can! I also like to imitate the humans when they laugh which makes them laugh even more!
I am a shy person to begin with and it takes a little time for me to get to know you. I am good natured and get on well with my SH mummy, Daddy and even the little people from a distance, but I do prefer head tickles from the males in the house. I am quick to learn new words and songs and love being out of my cage for most of the day. I am nervous, it’s scary leaving my cage but I’m enjoying it more and more each day especially if one of my friends has something tasty in their cage I hop over to investigate.
I am trying different foods now and I must say vegetables are new to me and taking some time to get used to! I like my fruit and find grapes, apples, watermelon and satsumas to my liking, I’m hoping to try more along the way.

Location: Flint – North wales

Donation fee: £0 I am Cites

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