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ASP ref: ASP431

Species: Blue and Gold Macaw

Name: Rico


Rico is a beautiful, sensitive macaw who just wants to be loved.
She is happy and contented when she is being interacted with.

Past History
Rico came into ASP through no fault of her own. She was a much loved family member and came to join ASP as family circumstances changed.

Under assessment
Rico has been in safehouse for a good period of time. Time enough to get to know about Her and her needs.
She has spent time with her safehouse mum and dad but has taken more of a liking to her safehouse mum. When she arrived she was anxious, scared and not very friendly. She just needed time to build up her trust.
Rico has now built up the best bond with her safehouse mum as she gives the loveliest tummy tickles that makes her giggle with excitement!

Rico is an early riser, she’s up at 6.30am and bedtimes are around 8pm or a little later depending on Rico’s mood.
The weekends everyone gets a lay in and Rico will wait for you to wake up and bring her breakfast before her fun and games start.
Rico isn’t overly keen on being covered and is only covered if the room isn’t dark enough or if there are other disturbances.

Likes/ Dislikes
Rico adores loads of cuddles with her safehouse mum, also playtime and tickle time.
She loves throwing her ball for you to catch and playing hide n seek with a blanket!
She loves music and being sprayed with water too.
Rico doesn’t like little people and isn’t fond of dogs either.
She has been ok with her safehouse dad at times but always prefers her safehouse mum.
Rico doesn’t like birds flying around her and she can get stressed and snap if too close. She splays her wings is she isn’t happy!


Rico is a food lover, she loves porridge and fruit( satsumas, apple, pomegranate, melon and pineapple) are her favourites!
She also enjoys vegetables with pasta or rice. Along with this she will eat tropimix pellet.
Chop is a new thing but will eat small amounts a long with a nettle of camomile tea.
Rico loves a nut as a treat and it also works as a bribe to get her into the cage when needed.
Rico loves playing with toys, they don’t last long as she loves to chew. It is vital macaws have plenty of enrichment to provide foraging and other stimulating activities that involve chewing, shredding and playing.

Rico can be loud like all large birds can but generally when you just leave the room then happily entertains herself. Some macaws are more vocal than others and often due to inadequate sleep such as cage location, household noise, too much light or too much movement at night.
Birds need at least 12 hours undisturbed sleep per night.

Suitability and experience
Rico is a beautiful and loving bird in the right environment.
She needs to be the only bird in the home where she has lots of time out of her cage.
Rico will need an experienced female carer that will provide lots of time, love and patience so she can flourish in life.
She will also need her new home to provide lots of new toys and a new cage. If you think your a match, committed and serious about adopting Rico then please pop an email to rehoming@allstarparrots.co.uk

Location: Flint
Cage: No 
Donation fee: £250
You will need to be a gold star member to adopt any of the birds from ASP ( see link below)

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