ASP ref: ASP430

Name: Tommy

Species: Timneh Aftrican Grey

Description: My name is Tommy I am 35 years young, a Timneh African Grey parrot. I am full of mischief and love being out of my cage usually on the floor or the external perches. I have lots of toys which I am learning to play with, my favourite pastime ever is a cardboard box or anything made from cardboard that I can peck to pieces. I do talk occasional but it usually when the humans are all in another room. I love to whistle, dance and bop with my SH mummy to the tunes on the radio. I am a bit of a ladies man and tend to nip male of the house, it is early days for me and things may change.
I used to be very cage territorial, but I am getting better the more time I have out of my cage which at the moment is about 8 hours a day. I love head tickles from my SH mummy when I am in my cage and playing on the floor. My confidence is growing everyday and at the moment if I need a tickle, I will come to you. I am learning to step up but not quite ready yet. I walk with a bit of a shuffle which is old age, but don’t let that put you off as my SH mummy tells me I’m like a race horse, especially when I’m chasing after her toes on the floor!
My diet consists of fresh vegetables and fruit on a daily basis and a bit off seed before bed to entice me to return to my cage! I have lots of favourite foods including banana, almonds, apple, Pomegranate, cucumber, Kale, Broccoli, Asparagus, Cauliflower, sweet potato and chop mixes.
I like my sleep about 9:30 in a dark and quiet room, I rise nice and early with breakfast being served 8am, by which time I’m really hungry and will whistle to let you know I’m waiting!! lol

Location: Flint – north wales

Cage: Yes but may need a new one

Donation fee: £0 I am cites

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