picture of a orange wing amazon


ASP429 – Poppy – Orange wing amazon

ASP ref: ASP429

Name: Poppy

Species: Orange wing amazon

Description:  Hi, my name is Poppy, I am an Orange winged Amazon and about 10 years old. My SH mum tells me every day how stunningly beautiful I am. My sweet face, long eyelashes and amazing bright colorful feathers. I love to sit on top on my cage all day and will venture off in search of food to my other perches. On the subject of food…………my SH mum tells me she has never met such a fussy eater! I am not fussy at all. I just don’t like the healthy option I’m given. Be honest who enjoys fresh vegetables and fruits chopped up every day! Perseverance pays off as I am trying more foods, grapes, sweetcorn, shredded carrot, to name but a few.

I am very shy orange wing amazon and will need someone who can spend lots of time with me on a one-to-one basis to grow my confidence, ideally, I will be the only feathered friend in the house. I have not got very good people skills especially those little folk. I get nervous when I am approached. If you get too close as I will “growl”.  I will come to you on my own terms. Its usually when you have a nice treat for me, apple, grape or nut 

Location: Flint CH6

Cage: Yes

Donation fee: £150

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