ASP ref@ ASP424

Species: Indian Ring Neck

Name: Mickey and Rio

Description: Two Indian ring-necks
Mickey is friendly on his own terms and does say lots of words.
Hello Mickey, love you , pickle pickle , Billy Bob ,what you doing and much more .
Rio is not so friendly or chatty but only through being scared time and patience will help .
I am hoping that living with Mickey will give Rio the confidence he needs .
They come with cage toys and uv lamp .
They love to be out of their cage Mickey is a great flyer but Rio is missing some flight feathers so doesn’t fly so good. They will grow back in time which is great .
They are great fun to have around and whoever re-homes them will be very entertained.
Their diet is tidy mix, cashew nuts, almonds, unsalted peanuts minus shells.
They love vegetables and fruit in moderation because of its high sugar levels.
If you would like to express an interest in re homing these beautiful birds then please contact : rehoming@allstarparrots,co,uk

Cage: Yes

Location: Sussex

Donation fee: £50

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