ASP407 – Kia – Green cheek conure

ASP ref: ASP407

Species: Green cheek conure

Name: Kia


Kai is a 3 year old green-cheeked conure, who although he hasn’t been DNA sexed, is believed to be

male. Unfortunately, Kai came into the charity with a damaged wing and although it is not causing
him any pain, he is unable to fly well. The wing in question has been x-rayed, but there is no surgical
fix for it sadly. All that said, Kai manages to get around just fine and is an expert climber! He can also
run really fast!
Kai is not a fan of other birds at all and is very much a people bird. He will bond with one person,
then treat everyone else with contempt, in order to protect his human. Though it’s usually his
chosen human who gets caught in the cross fire when another bird or person comes near. So, he will
need to be the only bird in the household if possible. I feel that because he can’t fly, seeing other
birds flying around causes him anxiety, which is understandable.
Like most birds, he loves to be out of his cage and is happy to hang out on the bouncy spirals
attached to his cage. Kai also loves looking out the window, so spends a lot of time on the play stand
watching the world go by. If he is in his cage and knows you are in the house, he will scream
consistently until he is let out. He also screams if you leave the room, but not in a panicked way, he
just wants allllll of the attention.
Kai hates most vegetables, but you can occasionally get him to eat some if you feed him it by hand.
He will sometimes nibble on a cress plant, but never gets too close. He likes fruit but mainly apples,
bananas, grapes, tangerines/oranges, strawberries, raspberries & blueberries. New fruit is the devil
and it will take him months to even try it! He eats a healthy seed mix from Tidymix, with all the
naughty bits removed.
He loves to take a bath in his water bowl and can every once in a while be convinced to shower in
the sink. Not a fan of being sprayed at all though! Kai loves to talk and says many things, including;
Kaiiiiii, what’s up, what you doing, do you want some water and step up! He also loves dancing and
will “doo doo doo” along to music if you start him off. He loves chewing up toys in his cage and
snuggling into your hand – he will literally stay there all day!
Kai would suit a quiet home, where he is either the only bird, or can be let out separately to the
others – though I know he prefers to be the only bird! He barbers his tail feathers and the feathers
on his damaged wing a little, which the vet believes to be related to hormone frustration and
generally behavioural, as no tests have ever shown anything up. That being said, I believe he would
prefer a home where his owner isn’t out working all day as he is such an attention lover! He benefits
from a minimum of 12 hours undisturbed sleep and having his cage rearranged regularly. You also
need to keep an eye out for dark and dingy places around the house, that he will find and nest in.
If you are his chosen human, Kai can be the loveliest of birds who just wants to snuggle with you all
the time. He can be quite bitey, but he usually bites his chosen human a little less hard than
everyone else. He is not for the faint hearted and is usually sweetness and light for the first few
weeks, before the testing begins. That being said, Kai has been with me for just over a year and his
aggression could just be linked to the fact his current environment is not suitable for him. I believe
that he would thrive with the right person and environment and most of his issues could be
drastically reduced. He really is a massive character and a very clever boy indeed!
Cage: Yes
Location : Hertfordshire
Donation fee: £75

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