ASP Ref: ASP404

Name: Derick

Species: Quaker Parrot

Description: Hi, when I came in to my safe house I was called Derek. But I kept saying ‘hello Bob’, so that has seemed to of stuck and now I answer a lot better to Bob than Derek lol. I’m a very cheeky little chap and love to interact with you humans. I do get over excited with attention and can be a little nippie, but if you tell me NO then I put my head down and try to look all cute lol. I say quite a few things, but this blurs into a load of chattery nonsense the more excited I get!. I like to play rough, so if you can take my little nips then we can ‘wrestle’ on the table!. My safe house daddy’s girlfriend has told him to stop with the rough play cuz my forever home might not like it. I’ve met the other birds here at my safe house. Let’s just say that didn’t go too well!. I may be the smallest here, but I know I could take them!!. I have a good appetite and eat whatever you give me. Well I say eat…..I shred it to bits and throw it everywhere, but I must swallow some if it right??😂. I can be a little loud, but if you ignore me I’ll soon quieten down. I like playing with the toys in my cage, or shredding paper!. While I’ve been here, my cage door gets opened when SH daddy gets up and gets closed when I go to bed. I do get shut in my cage at meal times, cuz if not I’ll help myself to whatever is on your plate! And you try n stop me if you dare!!!😂😂. I’m ok with little kiddies, but beware I can and will give them a little nip if they flap around or move too quick!. And I don’t like women!!.

A word from SH Daddy…..
Bob is a lovely little boy with a very BIG attitude!!. He will happily step up onto arms or fly to your shoulder, but he doesn’t like stepping up onto hands/fingers. He will do it, but only after he has ‘tasted’ you!!. He likes you to ‘gently’ grab his beak with your finger n thumb and ‘wrestle’ but will nip as your doing it. If you flinch he’ll chase after your fingers!!!😂😂. He eats parakeet seed. And eats every fruit or vegetable that I give him. DO NOT try to drink a cup of tea or coffee with him on your shoulder, you WILL regret it! lol.

Does not get on with other birds or women..

Location: Bridlington

Cage: Yes

Donation Fee: £50

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