ASP Ref: ASP331

Species: Lovebird

Name: Cherpy

Description: This little live bird came in to All Star Parrots sometime ago with her partner that was badly feather plucked.
Unfortunately we lost him but not before she had laid eggs and managed to hatch one baby. Unbeknown to us they were a breeding pair. Unfortunately she went on to pluck the baby badly so the baby was removed very early. She is on her own a very friendly little soul that was hand reared. She loves to come out and sit on you but getting her back in her cage she thinks it’s a game. She loves to eat fresh fruit and veggies and every morning when her water is changed she bathes. She does not like to be sprayed with water. We do not know her age. She comes with her own cage on a wheeled stand plus toys.

Cage: Yes

Location: Southampton

Donation fee:£25


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