ASP Ref: ASP310

Name: Marvel

Species: Alexandrine Parrot

Description: Marvel was a much loved family pet who came to us through no fault of his own at all. He is now 19 months old. Marvel is interested in everything you are doing, and will want to come and watch and land on you, although he has not learnt to step up and will imply he will bite you if you persist. He doesn’t, he just moves. However, he will step up on a perch. He will take food from hand now without trying to bite me first. Pistachio nuts in their shells are a firm favourite. He has a large repertoire of whistles, mimics things and he ‘talks’ in his own way, He is a chewer, and will happily chew  anything wood in fact when too aren’t watching him. He has chewing wood in his cage and he loves his toys especially ones he can destroy, and is a great fan of cardboard boxes. Marvel is very food driven, and eats just about anything. Loves all fruit, pomegranate and grapes are favourites. He will happily eat veg and chop. He loves being out free flying, although he can be cheeky when you want him to go back in. He has a very large cage, and he is quite protective of it. He enjoys a spray bath. He likes everyone, but is friendlier with women than men at the moment but this getting better, and is used to having children around. He is a proper clown, into everything. He needs to go to someone who has the time and knowledge to work with him, so he will continue to learn that hands are ok.

Cage: Yes

Location: Cornwall

Donation fee: £75

You need be a Gold Star member to adopt any of the parrots from ASP




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