ASP Ref: ASP309

Name: Pepe

Species: African Grey

Description: Pepe a female African grey, 20 odd years old
She was signed over to us as her owners love her and they felt that she needed more attention than they could give her.
Her previous family still visit and would like to still have updates.
She is a plucker but it is a mental thing and not a health issue as she has had tests by an avian vet.
She is a funny character and has a mind of her own .
She does speak and says numerous words and noises some words are a bit naughty .
She can step up and does so when she wants too.
I love this bird and seeing her go to a forever home will be our ultimate goal.
If you think you can offer Pepe the home she needs then please contact All Star Parrots.

Location: Sussex

Cage: Yes

Donation Fee: £0 I am cites

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