ASP reference:  ASP298


Description: Hello everyone I’m Sidney a very handsome 13 year old Senegal! I have been with my safehouse family for a couple of months now and have settled quite well! I came with no cage and one old toy but my safehouse mum soon sorted that and put me lots of different toys and perches in my temporary home (I will need a whole new set up as I’m only borrowing what I have at the minute). I love my bell, maybe a little too much as I try to regurgitate to it sometimes, I have recently discovered wood and boy do I love to chew it, my safehouse mum bought me a flat wood perch but that’s nearly all gone now! I would love a flat perch in my new home as I don’t appear to have any tail feathers so my balance is sometimes off and it’s my favourite place to sleep! I am currently eating a low sunflower mix seed as I came with a monkey nut seed mix which I was told wasn’t good for me! I have shown some interest in fruit and veg but my safehouse mum says I’m a fussy eater! I love to spend time in my cage but once I dare to come out I’m not so keen to go back in, I will step up on my terms and I love a head tickle on my terms, I will lunge at you if I don’t want to do something but I don’t bite hard or go for blood, it’s just my way of saying no. You will need to give me time to build up trust with you as I was with my previous owners since being a baby. I like the husband and I like my safehouse mum and allow them both to tickle my head when in my cage and out of my cage but I don’t like the kids to do it when I’m in my cage, I’m ok with the kids when I’m out of my cage. There is also another bird that lives here but I’m not really interested in him. I love to dance and give you a twirl and make the most lovely noises and whistles, my safehouse mum says I’m a quiet boy, I’m not sure if I’m a boy of girl as I haven’t been dna tested. If you think you can offer me a happy home then please get in touch, you won’t be disappointed as I’m a lovely guy who will steal your heart xxx
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Cage: Yes

Donation Fee: £100

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