ASP293 – Oliver – Mealy Amazon

ASP reference: ASP293

Name: Oliver

Species: Mealy Amazon

Description: My name is Ollie & I am a handsome 20 something Mealy Amazon. That might mean I’m one of the biggest Amazons but so is my heart.
I’m a bit of a ladies man because they give the best head scratches! If you make the effort & build my trust ill hold a man’s finger too.
I rarely shout, I just like to sit upon my cage all day observing everything going on around me.
She says I do extremely well with my body language, with letting you know just how I feel & that my eye pinning is point!
I LOVE cardboard bangles! LOOOOVE THEM! They are the best thing ever so please make sure I have a supply.
I’m not a fussy eater, I’ll try anything new. If I’m fed a tidymix diet, fresh & some apple everyday I’m one happy boy.
Yes it’s true… I beg for your food & you may sometimes confuse those noises with a dog but I am most definitely a parrot.
Mum says I’m one easy boy to love & that my forever home needs to give me that love I deserve every single day.

If you’re interested in adopting me you get to travel to an Island! How cool is that! (Isle of Sheppey/Sheerness).
Please send an email to

Location: Isle of Sheppey/Sheerness


Donation fee: £150

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