ASP293 – Oliver – Mealy Amazon

ASP reference: ASP293

Name: Oliver

Species: Mealy Amazon

Description: Ollie is a beautiful Mealy Amazon in his twenties. He is a big bird.

He is fully feathered and doesn’t pluck.
He has enjoyed regular spraying sessions particularly during the recent heatwave.
He wants to be out of his cage — all day if possible but he rarely flies. He stomps around on top of the cage occasionally playing with his toys.
He takes himself in during the evening and he is covered every night until about 8 am when his day starts with a strip of dry toast and some grapes.
He craves human attention but ONLY if you are female.
He is genuinely happy to engage with his SH mum, he takes pieces of fruit and veg and other treats so gently from her fingers and he makes lovely clucking noises of thanks. He calls her back when left alone. He enjoys CBeebies on the occasions when he has to be left.
It is a totally different story when any man comes near, he wants to attack in an aggressive manner which is frightening and sad .This personality trait has been displayed in his past , so it’s not something new.
So we believe it is essential that his new home should be in an all female household.
If you are a lady with time to give him you would be rewarded with his total devotion.

Location: Essex


Donation fee: £150

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