ASP ref: ASP271

Name: Iggy

Species: Green cheek conure

Description: Iggy is a very vocal male and I’ve heard him say the following phrases “Hello Iggy “ “Hello Tilly” “ Giz a kiss” “Yes” “ Yes thank you “ “Hello Boy” “I can see you” and finally “Peek a boo “. He wolf whistles and chatters to himself a lot . He’s very confident and inquisitive and will fly to you and sit on your shoulder to watch what your doing. He enjoys all his vegetables especially apple , carrot and grapes. His favourite thing to do is parade in front of his mirror , he allows you to pet him while he does this. He loves a daily shower and closes his eyes and lifts up his head while you do this . Iggy is very food motivated and will help himself from your hand or plate he’s not fussy do I always have something healthy ready to give him at tea time . He is friendly and sociable outside his cage but he is very nippy inside his cage and will bite hard if fingers get too close so be warned . He doesn’t bite any other time so I respect his space when he’s caged. He’s very good at going in his cage when it’s time and if you say “bedtime Iggy” he will go straight in he’s so good . Iggy like to sit with you and snooze he is a confident, characterful individual, bossy but very lovable.

Location: Doncaster

Donation fee: £75

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