ASP reference: ASP254

Name: Kiwi

Species: Patagonia Conure

Description: Hi lovely people, my name is kiwi but only recently have I been called that, let me explain why.
My safe house mum came to pick me up from a lovely lady who owns an animal sanctuary. Although it was lovely there the owner thought it would be better if someone could take me on and take me under their wing, this is where my safe house mum comes in.
I went with my friend to my safe house, we had no names and not a lot of feathers. My safe house mum had some children who got to pick out our names so I became kiwi and my friend became skittles, but unfortunately my friend sadly past away and from that day on I turned to my safe house mum and let her hold and stroke me for the first time, which I have never let anyone do that before. I was quite aggressive and would try to bite you, but now I love tickles and cuddles but it has to be when I want them. I will come onto when I put my foot out. Since then my feathers have started to grow back and now I’m looking more like myself years ago. I am a little gannet and will eat you out of your house so make sure you stock up if you adopt me. I am good with other birds and would loved it if I could be rehomed with either another conure or a bird the same size as me. I think I will get to lonely if I stayed in my own as I have been bonded to my friend for some time and my safe house mum has got 2 other birds which I love being around (Donald is a pain in the bum, but who cares he’s a typical boy 🙄) if you think you can offer me time, comfort, love, affection and plenty of food then please put your name forward and let me become your companion. Thank you for taking the time in reading a little about me but there is more to me than meets the eye.

Cage: Yes

Donation Fee: £100

Location: Stoke on Trent

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