Reference: ASP246

Name: Thea

Species: Black headed caique


Thea the Caique is 4.5 years old but acts like most parrots do – crazy! Thea loves to be out with you for as long as she can and loves to be enriched with things to destroy and find. She dances and whistles with you, but also grumbles and screams to let you know she doesn’t like what you’re doing. Thea will need an experienced home as she is currently hormonal which means her first response to everything is a good hard chomp. She will need to build trust with you before you can handle her, and you will need to show confidence (and withstand a few bites) to keep her feeling safe whilst out. Her previous owners have said she is wonderful out of hormonal season and is a lovely girl who steps up and loves to roam around on your shoulder.

        Thea is LOUD if ignored. She will scream if you leave the room or house but quietly chatters if you talk to her.

        Thea does not like towels covering her cage and sleeps very well whenever the light goes off until you wake up in the morning.

        Thea loves showers and will happily bathe in a sink with the tap on for as long as possible!

        Thea is a very active bird and needs lots of new and exciting stimulation.

She is a very cute bird with lots of personality – but she is not for everyone. Please consider strongly whether you would be able to provide the time, patience and enrichment Thea needs before applying for her!

Thea dosent seem to mind males and females.

Location: Lemington Spa

Cage: Yes

Donation Fee: £100

You are required to be a gold star member to adopt any of the parrots


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