ASP186 – ASP251 – Nelly and Charlie – Senegal Parrots

ASP ref: ASP186 and ASP251

Names: Nelly and Charlie

Species: Senegal parrots


Nelly and Charlie are looking for there forever home. These two will keep anyone entertained day and night, I have honestly never had such sweet birds before. Charlie is like the grumpy old man who just sits and watches while nelly will dance and swing like an out of control teenager. But they both just want to be loved,
Nelly wants attention more than Charlie and if she likes you then there is no sneaking past her, everytime I enter the room she comes from no where and lands on my head, I have even tried covering my head so she doesn’t know its me, but nelly is not silly. If I am the other side of the window she will find a way to get to me. she just wants to sit on your shoulder and be with you as much as she can. Charlie is a little more laid back and happy to nap anywhere he is comfy but don’t under estimate him he will always follow nelly. Charlie does have a toe missing from being attacked by another bird in his previous home and he is a plucker so he needs alot of love. I can honestly say we have had no aggression from either birds when out of there cage. But they are fast and when you take there bowls out you do have to watch your fingers, not sure as to why they do this as they will let you stroke them while in the cage they just don’t seem to like you taking there bowls away. Charlie loves his fresh food more than nelly but she is happy to give it ago or help chuck it all over the floor. Nelly will wolf whistle you if you walk past and ignore her and she loves to copy sounds, she has learnt to do a drill sound from our grey and also does a mean budgie noise. When I am not in the room I do hear one of them talking. So far I have heard, what you doing, night, and hello, but can’t work out which one it is saying it or even if it’s both. And they are both the best behaved birds at night. The second you cover them you won’t hear a peak. Even our grey will be cheeky when covered if someone is in the room but these guys don’t say a word. Even if you uncover a little later than normal. They love to sit on the sofa with you watching TV and so far seem to love kids. You won’t be disappointed with these two guys they are going to give someone all the love they have. Any questions about nelly and Charlie please ask I would really love to see these guys finally settled into a loving home if your interested in adopting them please email

Cage: Yes

Location: Kent

Fee: £100



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